LP 253: Various – Top BBC Themes Volume 2 (BBC, 1979)

7 Jul

Side 1
01 Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra conducted by Alexis Zuraitis – Adagio Of Spartacus And Phrygia (Excerpt) From Spartacus Ballet (Theme Of The Onedin Line)
02 Johnny Pearson and His Orchestra – All Creatures Great And Small
03 Matumbi – Empire Road
04 Richard Denton and Martin Cook – The Great Egg Race
05 Dudley Simpson Orchestra – Blake’s 7
06 Anthony Isaac Band – Sexton Blake
07 Ship’s Company and Royal Marine Band of H.M.S. Ark Royal conducted by W.O. Keith Whittall – The Last Farewell (Theme Of Home From The Sea)

Side 2
08 John Dankworth and His Orchestra – Telford’s Change
09 George Kotsonis – Love Theme From The Aphrodite Inheritance
10 Paul Nicholas – Two Up, Two Down
11 Rick Wakeman – Bird Man Of Alcatraz (Theme Of My Son, My Son)
12 Max Harris – A Horseman Riding By (Country Canter)
13 Neil Richardson Orchestra – Approaching Menace (Theme Of Mastermind)
14 Anthony Isaac Band – Don’t Forget To Write

The second in the Top BBC Themes series arrived during the Winter of Discontent in 1979. Things get off to a sedate start with The Onedin Line before the tinkling ivories of Johnny Pearson’s Piano Parchment – the All Creatures Great And Small theme. Sunday afternoon and evening flashbacks. There’s a welcome blast of reggae from Matumbi before the quirky synths of Denton and Cook’s Great Egg Race wade in like Pacman programmers playing a live set.

For space cadets there’s Dudley Simpson’s rather bombastic Blake’s 7 theme. Definitely not a playout tune. Nautical fans will delight with the rousing Home From The Sea while John Dankworth’s lush Telford’s Change makes for a delightful bit of string-jazz. The remaining tracks drift by in a rather colourless haze – although Rick Wakeman’s Bird Man Of Alcatraz is gentle piano in extremis and definitely the pick of the straggling last third.

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3 Responses to “LP 253: Various – Top BBC Themes Volume 2 (BBC, 1979)”

  1. nlgbbbblth July 7, 2011 at 8:42 PM #


  2. derek prutswijck July 8, 2011 at 9:50 AM #

    yahooooozah! found out today that not one but two of my favo blogs have resumed operations (the other being ZYR).

    i was never overly fond of summer (the heat, the thirst, the flies, the people on the beach with their suntan lotions, the smell of ozone in the air (Jockey, jockey, why ain’t you up there? héhé), but your return really really really drives my summer blues away.

    righty right, i’m gonna tuck into your present offerings now — welcome back kotter, and long may you run … !

    (and ehm … any chance of seeing your other blogs reappear, too? :-} )

  3. Clean Driver February 13, 2013 at 1:49 PM #

    Great post reading that was like a drive down memory lane of my childhood in Telford. Can’t believe how clean you have managed to keep the cover. Bet thjere not too many of these knocking about nowadays.

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