LP 272: Dennis Coffey – Hair and Thangs (Maverick, 1969)

4 Aug

Side 1
01 Let The Sunshine
02 Hair And Grits
03 Get Back
04 Aquarius
05 Sodomy

Side 2
06 Do Your Thing
07 Hey Jude
08 Iceberg’s Thang
09 It’s Your Thang
10 Electric Thang

Funk acid breaks are the order of the day on Hair and Thangs – Dennis Coffey’s first release.
A meandering and gritty Let The Sunshine gets the game off to an epic beginning. The other two Hair tracks – Aquarius and Sodomy are equally great; it’s a pity he didn’t do a full Hair LP.

Instead the remainder of the album is a mixture of originals and covers. Two Beatles classics – Get Back with a groovy organ and a fuzzed-up Hey Jude with a narcotic aroma. You want soul? Check out riffage-city and Dennis’s version of Do Your Thang. The Isleys’ It’s Your Thang comes across as a nifty break-filled diamond.

Hair And Grits is prime psychedelic funk, perfectly riding the chugging rock train of molten licks and banging drums while Iceberg’s Thang is a bluesy garage groove workout. The tantalising mini-nugget Electric Thang is a great way to sign off this fine album.

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    Thanks, this looks great!!

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