LP 290: André Brasseur – Tasty (CBS, 1966)

30 Aug

Side 1
01 Holiday
02 A Taste Of Tobacco
03 The Monkey
04 Far-West
05 Studio 17 (Little Joker)
06 The Kid

Side 2
07 Mad Train
08 Atlantide
09 Bill
10 Hold-Up
11 Lonely Beach
12 The Invasion

This LP is André’s first British release on the CBS label..

For moody trippers there’s the solemn death shuffle of The Monkey and Atlantide while Mad Train and Hold-Up uphold the groovy status quo with the latter coming off as almost proto-Popcorn.

Bill starts with a serious church organ sound before the kicks in. The Kid has a beefy guitar on the side with A Taste Of Tobacco reeking of smoky club vibes. The LP concludes with the choppy “uppers choice” swirl of The Invasion.

Tasty is an apt title for this dynamic LP – one which belies its “early” age of 1966.

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