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LP 250: American Spring – American Spring (United Artists, 1972)

3 Jul

Side 1
01 Tennessee Waltz
02 Thinkin’ Bout You Baby
03 Mama Said
04 Superstar
05 Awake
06 Sweet Mountain

Side 2
07 Everybody
08 This Whole World
09 Forever
10 Good Time
11 Now That Everything’s Been Said
12 Down Home

Spring consisted of two sisters Marilyn and Diane Rovell, formerly of The Honeys. Marilyn was married to Beach Boy Brian Wilson who had a ghostly production role in this 1972 LP. It was released under the “American Spring” banner for the European market and comes with a lovely photo of the two ladies wheeling bicycles on the reverse sleeve.

As albums go, it’s a shimmering delight. Tennessee Waltz gets us off to a rustic start before Thinkin’ Bout You Baby (composed by Brian Wilson and David Sandler) floats off in a cloud of soft pop magnificence. The second Wilson / Sandler effort is the blissed-out Sweet Mountain which sounds like it belongs on 1968’s Friends. Wispy and ethereal harmonies make for a hazy but rewarding listening experience. Spacey and fragile versions of Awake (credited to the mysterious Floyd Tucker) and Superstar enhance the gold-star quality of side one.

Familiarity breeds extreme contentment on side two. This Whole World is the first in a run of three Beach Boys tracks from the Sunflower era. It’s transformed into something approaching Smile-like status – extended coda and an amazing instrumental breakdown. Dennis’ Forever is sung with the right amount of exquisite emotion while Good Time (not released on a Beach Boys album until 1977’s Love You) is a kaleidoscope of fuzzy melodies and the classic late 60s surf vibe. The album concludes with a brace of Carole King numbers – the resigned tone of Now That Everything’s Been Said and the heart-heavy Down Home.

As a massive Beach Boys fan I was delighted to discover this lost classic some years ago. Hope you enjoy the trip.

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