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LP 264: Barney Kessel – Hair Is Beautiful (Atlantic, 1969)

24 Jul

Side 1
01 Aquarius
02 Frank Mills
03 Where Do I Go
04 I Got Life
05 Walking In Space

Side 2
06 Ain’t Got You
07 Easy To Be Hard
08 Be-In (Hare Krishna)
09 Good Morning Starshine
10 Donna

Space and spaciousness.
Kenny Salmon, Barry Morgan and Steve Gray.

I Got Life just drifts by with a blissful arrangement.
Walking In Space and Be-In (Hare Krishna) pick up most energy points.

Monster Donna.

Every morning you wake up, it’s a new day, isn’t it? Is there any reason why a human being shouldn’t be influenced by a new day?    (Duke Ellington)
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