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LP 257: Hits Machine Unlimited – The Hits of Boney M (Chevron, 1979)

14 Jul

Side 1
01 Night Flight To Venus
02 No Woman, No Cry
03 Never Change Lovers
04 Daddy Cool
05 Love For Sale
06 Brown Girl In The Ring

Side 2
07 Rivers Of Babylon
08 Painter Man
09 Ma Baker
10 Sunny
11 Belfast
12 Rasputin

I picked this LP up a record fair in Dublin earlier this year. It was on a local charity shop stall – the Saint Vincent de Paul – and was the very last record in their euro box. Chevron albums do not turn up here very often so I took a chance.

Surprisingly it’s a most listenable treat. Night Flight To Venus is moody and futuristic with a magnificent synth pattern while both Daddy Cool and Love For Sale possess their own frantic energy that elevate them above usual soundalike anonymity.

Second half highlights include a deadpan Belfast and the sunny jazzy funk of Sunny. The album concludes with the bouncy disco groove of Rasputin.

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