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LP 256: Sandy Brown and His Gentlemen! Friends – Hair At Its Hairiest (Fontana, 1969)

12 Jul

Side 1
01 Ain’t Got No
02 Aquarius
03 Black Boys
04 Easy To Be Hard
05 Hair
06 Underture: Where Do I Go

Side 2
07 Hare Krishna
08 Where Do I Go
09 Manchester, England
10 Air
11 Electric Blues
12 Overture: Where Do I Go (A Final Word From Mr G Chisholm)

Hair At Its Hairiest can be filed under groovy psychedelic jazz.

The dudes are:
Sandy Brown – clarinet
Kenny Wheeler – trumpet and flugel horn
George Chisholm – trombone
Lennie Bush – bass
Johnny McLaughlin – guitar
Bobby Orr – drums

The top tunes to watch out for are:
Hair – explodes into a lively blast of fine grooviness.
Manchester England – tripled in length and all the better for it.
Electric Blues – a free-jazz dirge.

This album suits the hazy summer evening mood. Hope you like it.

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