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LP 275: Koichi Oki at The Yamaha Organ – Yamaha Superstar! (Ad-Rhythm, 1971)

9 Aug

Side 1
01 Light My Fire
02 The Look Of Love
03 Summer In Shima
04 Felicidad
05 Something
06 My Sweet Lord

Side 2

07 Let It Be
08 Spinning Wheel
09 El Condor Pasa
10 Bridge Over Troubled Water
11 Tchaikovsky One
12 Another Day

This album sees Koichi Oki play the Yamaha Electrone EX 42 which was supplied to the Ad-Rhythm label by Yamaha’s Organ division in 1971.

The album starts with a punchy version of Light My Fire before a smooth Look Of Love glides by. The funky Summer In Shima is credited to Thomson-Hancock and is a pretty tasteful composition with decent key-noodling. Two George Harrison numbers finish off the first side – My Sweet Lord being marginally more enjoyable – before an energetic Let It Be kicks off part two.

My favourite selection is the version of Spinning Wheel which kicks off with a radical slice of fuzz before the organ jumps in. Killer grooviness. The zany mayhem of Tchaikovsky One is magnificent and all over too quickly. We end on an odd but refreshing note – a melancholy version of Macca’s Another Day.

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