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LP 288: The Jason Ryder Sound – Music from Hair (Music for Pleasure, 1969)

27 Aug

Side 1
01 Donna
02 Good Morning Starshine
03 I Got Life
04 Aquarius
05 Ain’t Got No
06 Be-In (Hare Krishna)

Side 2

07 Colored Spade
08 Manchester England
09 Hair
10 Walking In Space
11 Initials
12 Air

The MFP Hair LP credited to The Jason Ryder Sound is a strictly Division 4 affair.

Donna is a reasonably bright start with a shade of excessive brass before we get few pedestrian takes of Good Morning Starshine, I Got Life and a meek Aquarius.

The sunshine does come out at the start of side two with a cosmically funky version of Colored Spade and the chilled-out vibes of Initials.
This pair of goodies make the effort worthwhile for Hair completists.

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LP 266: Unknown – Jesus Christ Superstar (Music for Pleasure, 1972)

27 Jul

Side 1
01 Overture
02 Heaven On Their Minds
03 What’s The Buzz?
04 Everything’s Alright
05 Hosanna
06 Simon Zealotes

Side 2

07 Pilate’s Dream
08 I Don’t Know How To Love Him
09 Damned For All Time
10 I Only Want To Say
11 King Herod’s Song
12 Superstar

Not much is known about this version of Jesus Christ Superstar other than the producer – Walter Ridley. He gets the best out of an uncredited bunch of session musicians with some killer percussion and quality rock action.

We start with an entertaining and all-encompassing overture before it’s into the gritty Heaven On Their Minds. Holy fuzz. Then What’s The Buzz? After some soppiness the first side ends with a smooth rendition of Simon Zealotes.

Other high points include the overwrought but compelling Scott Walker-lite of I Only Want To Say and a funky Damned For All Time before bringing the curtain down with a beaty Superstar.

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LP 245: Polished Brass of London – Top Brass (Music for Pleasure, 1969)

26 Jun

Side 1
01 Get Me To The Church On Time
02 Summertime
03 If I Loved You
04 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
05 Man Of La Mancha

Side 2
06 My Favourite Things
07 Maria
08 Put On A Happy Face
09 Cabaret
10 Baubles, Bangles and Beads
11 I Could Be Happy With You

Top Brass starts on a romantic note with a super version of Get Me To The Church On Time before a sparkling Summertime kicks in – a busy jazz feel to the proceedings.

There are three Rodgers and Hammerstein numbers with a progressive take on My Favourite Things being the pick of the bunch. A mournful Maria is top-notch with some sublime soloing while the uplifting rhythms of I Could Be Happy With You bring things to a loving conclusion.

Top Brass, top Sunday morning record.

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