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LP 293: Rogero’s Brazilian Brass – Rogero’s Brazilian Brass (Pye, 1970)

6 Sep

Side 1
01 Tristeza
02 Rosa
03 Mas Que Nada
04 Aquarius
05 Romeo And Juliet
06 A Banda

Side 2
07 O Pato (The Duck)
08 Viejo Babosa
09 Without Her
10 Mellow Brass
11 Windmills Of Your Mind
12 Hare Krishna

While it’s about as Brazilian as a pork pie, the self-titled album from “Rogero” and his brass ensemble is an enjoyable and cheesy romp taking some contemporary hits, a few Latin rhythms and three originals for good measure. Taking care of business – i.e. the arrangements – are Ken Woodman and Steve Gray – old hands by 1970. Cyril Stapleton is the gaffer.

The Latin numbers are competently played with some nice brassy flourishes – O Pato (The Duck), Tristeza, Mas Que Nada and A Banda all present and swinging with energy. Elsewhere there’s two Hair tunes – a bright ‘n’ breezy Aquarius plus a drum-heavy Hare Krishna that plays like a funky cop show theme. Nice work fellas!

Two big movie hits of the day – The Windmills Of Your Mind and Romeo and Juliet unfold in a relaxed easy style that’s makes for pleasant listening while Nilsson’s Without Her is a downbeat jazzy treat. The original tunes consist of two toe-tappers (Rosa and Viejo Barbosa) along with the sultry haven’t-I-heard-this-one-before concoction that is Mellow Brass.

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