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LP 265: Hugo Montenegro – Love Theme From The Godfather (RCA, 1972)

26 Jul

Side 1
01 Medley: Baby Elephant Walk / Moon River
02 Norwegian Wood
03 Me And My Arrow
04 Air On The G String
05 Quadimodo

Side 2
06 I Feel The Earth Move
07 The Godfather Waltz
08 Love Theme From The Godfather
09 Pavanne
10 Stutterology

Along with Moog Power, Love Theme From The Godfather remains one of the high points in Hugo Montenegro’s catalogue. It’s a Quadradisc – a whole new world of sound – for no more money.

It begins with a blast of movie Mancini – the hypnotic medley of Baby Elephant Walk and Moon River. This is carried through to a heady and lush version of Norwegian Wood. The fairground swirl of Me And My Arrow maintains this feeling exotica while Montengero’s take on I Feel Earth Move is a lively groover of electronic mayhem.

The remaining tracks can be paired off as follows:
Classical – wonderful and atmospheric renditions of Air On A G String and Pavanne.
Godfather grooves – a nicely arranged Waltz followed by the menacing and synth-driven title track.
Homegrown – John Montengro contributes the quirky rhythms of Quadimodo while Hugo finishes the LP with the sinister xylophone-meets-strings groove that is Stutterology.

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